When you engage with classes, workshops or retreats with Head Academy they are designed to balance the Four Realms.

We believe that in order to experience life to the fullest, be healthy, and happy we must find balance through developing the “Four Realms Of Self”. Without balance in the 4 Realms we can be drawn, and moved, into unhealthy patterns that can manifest as Dis-Ease in any of the realms. In order to balance the 4 realms a person must be engaged in activities that directly effect and influence these realms in a positive way.

The Physical Realm

Through physical health and fitness we are able to achieve our goals in this life. By maintaining our bodies we ensure our quality of life through mobility and movement. The body thrives on movement. And importantly, when we pursue activities that engage our mind we actually improve the quality of the neural connections in the brain. Making our mind body connection stronger, which leads to better quality of life and a heightened sense of well being.

The Mental Realm

"With our thoughts we create the world". Through our thoughts and emotions we can experience life as a joy or a burden. Through balancing the mental realm we start to control the creation of our thoughts, we become the director of our own personal movie... which we call life. When we understand that we are in control of the "movie" then we can literally change the script of our lives.

The Emotional Realm

Emotions allow us to experience life to it's fullest. Yin and Yang... without sadness you cannot experience joy. Having a balanced emotional state allows us to feel both negative and positive emotions, and then move back to our center more quickly. In this way we do not become a slave to our emotions, we become the master of our emotions. We are able to feel and experience life and control our own emotional state.

The Spiritual Realm

The Spiritual realm encompasses things that we perceive as greater than us. Perhaps our connection to something bigger...Community, altruism, nature. These are all things that give us a sense of something more... and a higher purpose than our own basic needs. It also encompasses forming a greater connection with ourselves and developing a sense of self love and development. This is the most overlooked realm, and potentially the most important for true happiness.


When you engage with classes, workshops or retreats at Head Academy they are categorised in the 4 pillars.

Martial Arts

Head Academy has unique classes for children and adults of all ages in traditional Chinese martial arts, fitness, flow yoga, women's self defence and more. Our classes are unique and cannot be found anywhere else. each classes curriculum and content have been designed to embrace the principles of Head Academy. Please explore all of the classes we offer and at least experience them once...what have you got to lose?

Meditation & Qigong

Meditation and Qigong are the gateway to becoming your own master. You can learn to balance your emotions and connect with your inner, intuitive voice. If you have ever said to yourself that you cannot meditate, that you cannot switch off your mind long enough, we would love to show you how. We thrive on showing people the path to a happier, healthier and more vibrant life


In the past 20 years fitness has been wrongly viewed in terms of a persons aerobic or anaerobic abilities, or even how much weight a person can lift. At Head Academy we view fitness as a persons ability to enjoy life with the best quality of movement possible while having the stamina and ability to do the things you wish. Whether that is enjoying other sports, playing with your kids, or going on adventurous holidays. Check out our schedule of classes that address your overall physical health.

healing modalities

At Head Academy we offer healing sessions and we teach students how to become healers. We offer treatments in Chi Nei Tsang, an abdominal massage treatment which restores balance to the vital organs, revitalises blood flow, and reduces and eliminates the effects of stress and negative emotions. Treatments in Cosmic Healing, an energy based modality are also available. Cosmic Healing is designed to restore balance to the energy fields of the body, thereby restoring function to the physical body.

“There is always an excuse to not do something… until you realise there is no excuse”


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Mark Sinosich
Mark Sinosich
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"Ever since meeting Sifu Nathan Head by chance one day in Cronulla Mall, my life has never been the same. I mean that statement in the best way possible! He is one of those people that is always smiling, even better than that his smile is infectious. He makes you smile, he makes you feel good inside and out. If you want to learn Kung Fu, or become physically and mentally stronger, if you want to be healed or learn how to heal yourself... I can think of no better person to see than Sifu Nathan Head."
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