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Inspiring Kids with Active and Confidence Lifestyle

At Head Academy Kung Fu, we’re aligned with the NSW Government’s commitment to fostering an active and healthy lifestyle among children through the Active Kids program. Our foundation rests on the understanding that by nurturing physical activity from an early age, we’re sowing the seeds for a future marked by well-being and joy. The Active Kids program forms the cornerstone of this philosophy, designed to create a myriad of opportunities for children to immerse themselves in sports, recreation, and fitness activities.

We’re excited to be part of this journey, offering a platform where kids can discover their passions, enhance their physical abilities, and build lasting friendships. As you explore our gallery, you’ll witness the vibrancy of young participants engaging in various sports and active pursuits, reflecting the essence of the Active Kids program. Join us in celebrating the thrill of movement and the pursuit of a healthier, happier life for our young generation.

How the Active Kids Program Benefits Your Child

Parents, guardians and caretakers, you have the power to enrich your child’s active exploration at Head Academy Kung Fu.

The process is seamless: eligible families can apply for a $50 voucher for each enrolled child, aged 4.5 to 18 years. This voucher effectively lowers expenses for registered sports and active recreation providers. Seize this chance to support your child’s active involvement and enthusiasm within Head Academy Kung Fu.

Discover the Ways to Embrace Active Participation

Using the Active Kids voucher at Head Academy Kung Fu opens the gateway to a realm of active participation. Redeemable with our registered activity providers, the voucher effectively takes care of registration, participation, and membership expenses for sports, fitness, and active recreation activities. Aligned with our dedication to nurturing a healthier and more dynamic lifestyle for our youth, this initiative perfectly resonates with our ethos. Join us in inspiring your child to embrace the exhilaration of movement and reap the rewards of a vibrant and active life journey.