Juniors Kung Fu

7 to 11 year old

Little Tigers Kung Fu

3 to 6 year old


Our Children’s Martial Art classes offer the very best in self defence training combined with systems of health and well being that incorporate everything from flexibility and mobility, to breathing, meditation and fitness.
Fun, Engaging and most importantly packed full of the kinds of things you want your child to learn. Self defence, anti bullying, self development, mentoring and instructing programs and a whole lot more.

Traditional Kung Fu passed down over generations with modernised content unique to Head Academy. All of our programs are developed and honed by us, and only available at Head Academy Locations. Our Children’s Martial Art classes are simply the best around. 

Our classes focus on the skill development of each and every individual. Your child will benefit from improved concentration, better mobility and flexibility, whole body co-ordination and self confidence.

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What our students parents have to say about us

All of the instructors are so passionate and so engaged with what you do and you have such great relationships with the kids. I love hearing the boys talk about lessons learnt at kung fu sometimes a week or two after they’ve been there.
Parent of Ethan & Zac
Summer is really enjoying the training and its so good to see her interested in something... As you may have noticed her flexibility is terrible as she has been quite stubborn and never wanted to do any exercises. So thank you for providing such an encouraging environment for to learn and enjoy Kung Fu.
Parent of Summer
Please let me express my thanks to you and please express my gratitude to your great team of instructors. Let me assure you that what you are teaching is so very valuable and has made a real difference to my boy's life (and it will continue to do so).
Parent to Jonathan
Our son's social and gross motor skills were very limited; but after a year at Head Academy his skills have vastly improved. He has not only learned kung fu... but he has also learnt to value discipline, improved his attention and listening skills, and most importantly he has an activity he really enjoys doing.
Daniel's Mum

Five Locations Across Sydney

Leichhardt, Caringbah, Heathcote, Strathfield and Padstow

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