We are excited to extend an exclusive invitation to you for a special one-and-a-half-hour FREE introduction to Nei Dan Yoga, a unique blend of traditional Yoga, Tao Yin, Taoist inner alchemy, and more, meticulously crafted by Sifu Nathan Head & Joveline Head.

This session is designed not only to introduce you to the physical and mental benefits of our distinctive yoga style but also to guide you through the practices that harmonise the body’s vital organs and energy systems. Experience how Nei Dan Yoga aids in releasing physical tension, eliminating negative energy, and fostering a deep connection with your inner self.

If you are a qualified Yin Yoga instructor, were are looking for teachers who would like to join our team and teach at our Caringbah or Leichhardt locations. You are invited to join the session and experience our unique style for yourself. After the session, if you are interested in exploring teaching New Dan Yoga, we will undertake personal training with you.

Highlights of the Session:

  • Deep stretching and strength enhancement
  • Philosophy and education on the styles development
  • Discover how this style is different and what sets it apart from other styles
  • Emotional regulation and stress management
  • Techniques to cultivate mindfulness and self-compassion
  • An opportunity to experience mind-body connection at a profound level

Caringbah Location

Spaces are Limited to 25 Participants per event – ensuring a personalised and immersive experience. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to embark on a journey towards a more cohesive, centred, and harmonious life.

Act Now! Reserve your spot by Clicking here and fill out the form today and step into the world of Nei Dan Yoga, where every practice is a step towards mastering yourself.

We look forward to welcoming you to this transformative experience.