Martial Arts – What is a guard?

All Martial Arts have at least one specific guard from which they begin their self defence techniques. In the martial art of Jow Gar Kung Fu students will learn many positions from which to engage or begin the host of techniques available to them. 

A guard consists of  specific feet positioning or stance, and a specific hand position. In most modern martial arts there is only one foot position taught, and more often than not one hand position also. With traditional Kung Fu our different feet and hand positions allow for a greater range of movement, with an emphasis on being able to defend yourself in multiple directions at once, with a range of different hand techniques.

When learning these techniques from and accomplished Kung Fu teacher, they will be able to explain how the different positions or guards can be used in various situations and how they can be used to control the way in which someone can attack you.

It is the versatility and depth of technique and its understanding that determines the “art” of a Martial Art. In our next blog we will discuss the art of Jow Gar Kung Fu in Sydney.

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