Meditation and Qigong

Meditation and Chi Kung (Qigong) at Head Academy Kung Fu is offered in classes, seminars and via private instruction. The techniques taught are Taoist practices of The Universal Healing Tao System.

The Universal Healing Tao is a practical system of self-cultivation and spiritual development created by Grandmaster Mantak Chia. Techniques range from Tai Chi and Chi Kung to Meditation, and offers practitioners a clear path to follow in order to attain a deeper connection and understanding of themselves and everything around them.

  • Learn how to feel and direct your own internal energy (Chi, Qi).
  • Learn how to feel and use the abundant energy around you.
  • De-Stress -Its time to reassess and prioritise what is important and place value in looking after the state of your emotional, spiritual and physical wellbeing.
  • Connect With Yourself – By creating a calm and connected self, by first giving to ourselves, we are able to give much more to our families and friends.
  • Using a True System – The Universal Healing Tao lays down a very clear pathway to follow. All a practitioner must do is begin, then practice the system as taught by Master Chia.

Change Your Vibration!

Tranquility and Flow? How would it feel to go through each day with the ability to create these feelings and master your emotions?

We believe that living in harmony with nature and our surroundings brings greater fulfillment and joy to your life. By connecting with yourself and creating self love, you are able to connect and have lasting, and better relationships with people around you. Everything in the universe is vibrating and when we align our vibration with the natural order… then we find tranquility and flow.


The Internal Way is a practical meditation and qigong system for self-development, created by Nathan Head. The Program combines ancient Taoist practices of the Universal Healing Tao, taught directly to Nathan by his master Mantak Chia, with over 17 years of Qigong and Kung Fu training and teaching.

It enables an individual to begin on a journey of self mastery by balancing the emotions, connecting to ones self and developing a state of self love which leads to a greater connection with all things. The Internal Way is a clear path of balancing “The 4 Realms of Self”. The Physical, Mental, Emotional, and Spiritual.

Students are guided through a series of practices that begin with “eyes open” techniques, and progress to ancient Chinese meditative and internal energy exercises, the practitioner learns to increase physical energy, release physical, emotional and mental tensions, improve health and gain the ability to heal oneself and others.

Qigong Classes

Regular morning Qigong classes are held at our Caringbah. These classes focus on establishing a strong connection with your own internal energy and the sources of energy around you. The classes contain simple movements to improve mobility and open all the joints in the body, and move onto activating exercises that increase your energy levels and balance and ground the emotions. This class is suitable for complete beginners and seasoned practitioners alike. The class will leave you feeling energised, mobile and clear minded. For more information scroll down.


Workshops are held through out the year to explore more deeply the meditative practices of the Flow State Program. The workshops allow for the presentation of theory and concepts that assist in the development of an individuals practice of meditation and qigong. The workshops are from level 1 through to level 4 and begin with simple eyes open techniques and move through to higher level meditations. By following the Flow State Program’s path even complete beginners will progress quickly and enjoy the benfits of meditation and qigong straight away. For more information scroll down the page or join our mailing by clicking the button below.


Once a year Sifu Nathan holds a 12 day retreat at a purpose built Villa on a tropical island in the Philippines. The Freedom and Flow Retreat is a wonderful opportunity for those who wish to immerse themselves in the practices and develop a strong understanding of the practices. The retreats also help to develop a committed daily practice that can be easily maintained when you return home. While on the retreat you will also get taken on amazing tourist activities…Island Hoping and much more. Scroll down the page for more details or check out the retreat website by clicking the button below.

Qigong Classes @ Caringbah

Our weekly classes deliver a 45 minute Qigong practice that is designed to loosen and create mobility in the body, relieve built up tensions, enliven your energy systems, awaken you to the presence of energy that surrounds you, increase your daily energy levels, and balance your mental and emotional states. After attending our Qigong classes it is our intention that you will have the tools to form a morning practice that you can implement into your daily routine, bringing you closer to self mastery and self sufficiency.

 There is no better way to wipe the cares of the week away!

Caringbah class is at 7am every Saturday morning, and is held at 3/50 Box Road Caringbah. 
Casual class cost is $20, Members $15,
pensioners $10.
I found Nathan's techniques drastically different to meditation practices I had learned in the past because they can easily be used anytime, anywhere throughout the day to create calm, promote health and generate energy. As I keep practicing I am noticing a significant cumulative effect on my health and happiness and my family and friends can see the difference..

Meditation and Qigong Workshops

Foundation Part 1


The Flow state program is designed as a bridge between modern concepts and techniques, and ancient Taoist practices. It allows novices and experienced meditators to begin a very specific path of self development. Firstly… balance the emotions, learn to feel and direct your life force, learn how to increase your energy levels and prolong life, learn to distinguish the different characteristics of energy within you and around you, connect with the source (god, universe), and return to the one. The Flow State Program is designed to bring balance into the 4 Realms of Self. The Physical…Mental…Emotional…and Spiritual parts of us.

For more information on part 1 click here.

Foundation Part 2


There is a shift happening as more and more people become aware of the connection between all things. We are all one. The practices in this workshop will allow you to truly experience this on a deep personal level. Discover first hand how to connect with the universal, earth and cosmic forces. Discover the feeling and reality of being connected to everything around you.
Learn the Microcosmic Orbit; a meditative practice that teaches you how to direct the flow of Qi (energy) through major pathways in the body. With continued practice you will be able to connect to the unlimited energy supplies that surround you, using them for healing and increased vitality.

For more information on part 2 click here.

Foundation Part 3


Creating the compassionate heart, and understanding it’s importance in spiritual awakening and growth is an important theme for sexual energy mastery. During this workshop, you will learn how to create the compassionate heart, and why it is necessary, important and how it will change you.
Also…I will teach you the most important physical tools for our times. These physical health techniques can help prevent breast cancer, prostate cancer and more. They are imparted in a safe, supportive, and non judgemental way, that is easily understood and practiced.


For more information on part 3 click here.

Neidan Tao 1


After cleansing the physical body and balancing the five elements we start on a journey of creating the energy and spiritual bodies. From here an individual gains access to the higher realms of consciousness and begins to work on the immortality practices of the Tao. This is the gate way to spiritual enlightenment.
Fusion of the Five Elements is the beginning of the Taoist practice of Internal Alchemy and focuses on the interaction and fusion of all five elements and their correspondences, and their transformation into a harmonious whole of high quality energy.


For more information on level 4 click here.

Workshop Dates

Each of the workshops builds gradually on techniques learned in previous levels. You can choose to attend one workshop or all. Discounted rates available for booking level 1-3 in the same weekend.

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I wanted you to know that the session went far beyond my expectations. I started the day with a couple of clear objectives... a) Wanting to take a little more care of myself from the inside as being a working mum often meant I ignored my intuition and body and kept powering through and I desperately felt like I needed a more balanced approach and b) having struggled with weight loss (despite flogging my self in the gym and the kitchen) seeing little results, and I felt that finding more balance might help me release whatever my body is holding on to. Both of those objectives were achieved and surpassed. In fact you have awoken a part in me (or should I say reminded me of a part of me) that I have been ignoring for too long. And whilst I am still very much in “L=Plate” practicing mode, I am already starting to feel the benefit of your teachings. Its small steps, but they are all the right direction.
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