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Healing Modalities

At Head Academy we have three main healing disciplines for allowing individuals to bring balance and harmony to their physical and energetic systems. These modalities allow the individual to begin a process of self healing through the innate intelligence of the human organism, which is always seeking to maintain a dynamic equilibrium. When our system is unable to find this balance or equilibrium we will experience DIS-EASE which in turn progresses to serious illness or injury. Balance can be restored through specific techniques which allow physical, emotional and energetic blockages to be removed.

Mindfulness & Awareness

Stress Management

Emotional Regulation


Mind-Body Connection

Our Healing Modalities Programs

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Chi Nei Tsang Abdominal Massage

Negative emotions, stress, tension and sickness accumulate in the abdomen. When this occurs the optimal function of the organ systems, blood flow, digestion, sexual energy, health and vitality are all diminished. The “Second Brain” in the abdomen is a concept first established by ancient Chinese sages and healers thousands of years ago.

Through the specific techniques of Chi Nei Tsang blockages, and normal function of the organ system can be re established. CNT helps balance the nervous system, aids in restoring optimal digestion, restores and balances blood flow through the abdomen and a helps remove trapped and stored negative emotions and past trauma. Treatments cost $120 and last for 60 minutes.

More information on Chi Nei Tsang

Chi refers to energy and information; Nei Tsang refers to the internal organs. From this comes Chi Nei Tsang, the art of applying Chi Kung (energy work) to the transformation of old energy and information stored in the viscera. This stored energy and information may include undigested emotional charges and traumas of the past that are waiting to be processed.
Our digestive system processes emotion and food in exactly the same way. Things that are hard to swallow, to break down, and to assimilate are stored and digested slowly, over a period of time; some are so hard to break down and digest that they go into permanent storage, where they remain immobile and undisturbed.
These storage sites are well protected; nothing is allowed to leave, and nothing enters. Physiologically, blocking off the faciae prevents the smooth flow of lymph fluids, blood, oxygen, and energy. In the view of traditional Chinese medicine, such stagnant and congested energy is what enables disease to take hold.
The emotional charges and traumas of the past held in these storage sites keep all our physical systems (respiratory, hormonal, circulatory, muscular, skeletal, and so on) highly activated and hypervigilant – toxifying our entire being, constantly flooding us with stress hormones, and making our entire system acidic. We remain in a constant state of emergency, with all our body’s systems mobilised to deal with imminent danger – even though the danger they fear has long passed.

Chi Nei Tsang treatments are by appointment only. Please phone Sifu Nathan Head directly on 0410 456 911.

Tok Sen Therapy

Tok Sen Therapy involves the use of wooden tools, and a Mallet, to relieve tensions in the body and enliven the flow of energy through the meridian system. The mallet and wooden tools are used in various ways. From short sharp taps, that send vibrations and relief through tension in the muscles. To scraping or pushing techniques which work along tendons and tension lines to bring physical relief. This is a massage treatment that needs to be experienced to fully appreciate the therapeutic benefits, and pure relaxation, that is experienced through the rhythmic taping and vibration.
Cost is $120 for a 60 minute treatment.

Qi (Chi) Healing

Cosmic Healing involves the practice of projecting Chi (energy or life force) from the practitioner to the patient to clean and energise the energy and physical body of the patient. Cosmic Healing is so effective that the results can sometimes seem miraculous. We and everything around us is pure energy.

Cosmic Healing is effective in treating everything from cuts, strains and bruises, to more serious ailments and diseases.

These techniques work on even the most skeptical of clients. If you have injuries that will not go away, or feel like you need blockages and your energy cleared this is a great treatment for you to try.

Cost is $95 for a 45 minute treatment.

Every individual has the power within to bring about change and healing, sometimes you just need a little help.

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