So now it comes down to choosing the right Martial art school that teaches the style, or styles, you would like to trial. Probably the second biggest mistake people make is choosing a school purely based upon convenience of location, or cheapest price. Personally, I wouldn’t be doing my fruit and veg shopping at a place which was purely just convenient and cheap.I’d be looking to get the very best quality that I could for the most reasonable price. So of course, location and cost is always a consideration. But, you should be looking at something that fulfills the goals that you have, within a reasonable price that you can afford, that is within a reasonable distance; and you can see yourself traveling back and forward to attend classes. Don’t just choose the one straight down the road because it is the most convenient or the cheapest.

Within the different types of styles and schools, there can be very big differences between schools who are teaching the same style. For instance, you may have two boxing gyms. One trains professional athletes and that’s their focus. Then another boxing gym may focus on the general public, teaching boxing for fitness and for striking ability. Those two schools will give you a very different experience if your goals aren’t aligned with what those two different schools offer.

In Kung Fu, there are schools which train forms and movement. Those forms and movement are really just done for demonstration purposes, for fitness and flexibility, and all of the physical health benefits that you get from the training. They may not be as focused on the self defense side of the traditional Kung Fu arts. Whereas in our Kung Fu School, we train movements and these patterns of movement for pure self defense, we get those other benefits that go with it as well. But our focus would be on the techniques that are in those movements actually being applicable for self defense.

So remember that even within the different styles, going to a different school will give you a different outcome, or different training style, based upon the philosophy and the mission statement of the school. Checking out a variety of schools is super important to align the philosophy and the teaching style of the school with the outcomes and the goals that you would like to see.

Now, within the schools, there may be other things that you need to take into consideration when trialing a Martial art. You should look at the relationship between the instructors and the students, look at the relationship between the instructors and the head instructor. Also check out the atmosphere that’s being created in the school and whether it’s a conducive atmosphere to provide the kinds of outcomes, and the things that you would like to see for your child or for your martial arts experience.

Training in martial arts can be quite difficult, and you have to really apply yourself to show up. So anything that helps bring you back every day to your training and keeps you motivated is a huge plus. It needs to be fun, it needs to be engaging. There needs to be that great atmosphere created so that the students can apply themselves to that hard work and that hard training.

So while you’re selecting that school for yourself, really try and look at the environment that’s being created by the instructors, and by the head instructor. What is the mission statement, and what is the goal of the class that you’re attending in each school… and are they delivering it?
It’s very easy for me to sit here on video and talk about the kinds of things that we want to deliver and tell you what we will deliver, but it’s very different if it doesn’t get delivered in each and every class, every day.

When we have a physical location, it’s different to the Internet. We have to show up everyday and prove ourselves to our students in each and every class. So when you’re choosing a martial arts school, you really want to look at the people who show up with that positive attitude, create a great environment for their students,and allow you or your child to really blossom and grow into their martial arts experience. Look at the ego of the instructors, what’s their reasons for doing martial arts. Really, all of this ties into the martial arts experience that you’re going to receive.