• Master the Art, Master Yourself

Si Jai Carolyn Samsa

Carolyn started her kung fu journey back in 2017 with no expectations, only that it looked like something fun to do! She started training just once a week and once she noticed the benefits not only physically but mentally, she started training at least 3-4 times a week, earning her black sash in 2022. Carolyn says she loves kung fu because it not only continually pushes her to the edges of her comfort zone, but it also challenges her beliefs about what she is capable of at this stage of her life. She has also found a community of like-minded people who she both respects and admires which makes it a fun place to come to each day.

About a year after starting kung fu, Carolyn attended one of Sifu Nathan’s flow state workshops, and began taking regular Qigong classes with him, which she found complemented her kung fu training and opened her mind to an ancient philosophy about energy, health and healing which has had tremendous benefits both physically and mentally. She has also embraced the Nei Dan Yoga classes as another complementary practice to both kung fu and qigong.

Carolyn is now an instructor for both kung fu and qigong and is passionate about sharing her knowledge with others and giving back to the community what she has so gratefully received in her training thus far. Her intention is hopefully to inspire others to see past their limitations and to see how they might use kung fu, qigong and yoga as practices for tapping into the best version of themselves.