• Master the Art, Master Yourself

Dai Si Hing Jun Liew
Head Instructor, Owner

Jun is the lead instructor at the Leichhardt academy and has been training at Head Academy since 2009. He has enjoyed the journey so much that he has gone on to instruct from 2014 and now has become a part-owner of the Leichhardt Academy. He very much subscribes to the idea of always learning, continually growing and improving; Jow Gar Kung Fu has been a great motivating vehicle to drive this passion.

The biggest reasons Jun continues to train at Head Academy (for over a decade and running) is because of the open, ego-free, fun yet driven atmosphere on the mats, the superior skill and knowledge of the senior instructing team, and the depth and complexity of the Jow Gar style of Kung Fu. Beyond the training side of things, Jun has a unique insight as an instructor into all the programs delivered to the children – particularly the PROTECT program and self-defence principles we impart.

One big reason the instructors continue to do what they do is because of the difference they make in these children’s lives – this is no different in Jun’s case.