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Our Martial Art classes for Children and Adults, in four locations across Sydney, are the culmination of decades of training and teaching students of all ages and abilities . We train to develop martial, physical and mental skills that will last a lifetime in our students. Our Kung Fu Classes transform the lives of our students, from young too old, in more ways than you can imagine. Start your journey with us, scroll down for the age group you are interested in.

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The Four Realms of Self

The Physical Realm

Through physical health and fitness we are able to achieve our goals in this life. By maintaining our bodies we ensure our quality of life through mobility and movement. The body thrives on movement. And importantly, when we pursue activities that engage our mind we actually improve the quality of the neural connections in the brain. Making our mind body connection stronger, which leads to better quality of life and a heightened sense of well being.

The Mental Realm

“With our thoughts we create the world”. Through our thoughts and emotions we can experience life as a joy or a burden. Through balancing the mental realm we start to control the creation of our thoughts, we become the director of our own personal movie… which we call life. When we understand that we are in control of the “movie” then we can literally change the script of our lives.

The Emotional Realm

Emotions allow us to experience life to it’s fullest. Yin and Yang… without sadness you cannot experience joy. Having a balanced emotional state allows us to feel both negative and positive emotions, and then move back to our center more quickly. In this way we do not become a slave to our emotions, we become the master of our emotions. We are able to feel and experience life and control our own emotional state.

The Spiritual Realm

The Spiritual realm encompasses things that we perceive as greater than us. Perhaps our connection to something bigger…Community, altruism, nature. These are all things that give us a sense of something more… and a higher purpose than our own basic needs. It also encompasses forming a greater connection with ourselves and developing a sense of self love and development. This is the most overlooked realm, and potentially the most important for true happiness.

What Is Kung Fu

Kung Fu is not one style of martial arts, it’s actually an umbrella term for hundreds of different styles of Chinese martial arts. The Chinese martial arts are ancient, and the different styles within them are characterised by their different traits. At Head Academy, we teach Jow Gar Kung Fu in Sydney. Jow Gar was developed in the late 19th century and utilises muscular movements and fast, complex footwork and kicks, making it an excellent form of self-defence.

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Kung Fu Benefits

Self Defence

Learn invaluable skills for life, equipping yourself with self-defence strategies for any situation


Build unrivalled confidence within yourself, fostering a stronger sense of self-assuredness and determination

Physical Fitness

Enjoy an engaging, fun and energising way to stay active, significantly boosting your overall health and wellness

Mental Health

Relieve stress, depression and anxiety symptoms, enhancing mental wellbeing and personal resilience

Stress Relief

Experience significant stress reduction, finding inner calm through engaging, mindful practices


Cultivate discipline, focus and concentration, essential skills transferrable to all areas of life


Improve coordination, movement, flexibility and agility for enhanced physical performance and capabilities

Life Mastery

Master all aspects of life through consistent mindful, healthy practice fostering personal growth

“You measure your training in minutes on the mat”

Our Lineage

At Head Academy we teach the Chinese Martial Art know as Jow Gar Kung Fu. All programs and curriculums at Head Academy have been created, developed and refined by Sifu Nathan Head and his team of Senior Instructors over the past 20 years from the traditional forms that were passed down to him by Si Gung Andy Truong. We have constantly strived to create classes and programs that reflect our students goals, while maintaining the traditional focus on martial skill development and self defense.

With it’s roots in Southern China Jow Gar ( Chau Ka, Zhou Jia, Jow Ga), The Jow family style was created by eldest brother Jow Lung and continually refined and developed by his brothers Jow Biu, Jow Hip, Jow Hoy and Jow Tin.

Jow Lung combined the Southern Shaolin Kung Fu Arts of Hung Gar and Choy Gar with Northern Shaolin kung fu. Later developments also show influences and techniques that may be recognised as Wing Chun.

Our lineage is as follows

Jow Lung was teacher to Luu Phu, Luu Phu was teacher to Ly Truong, Ly Truong was teacher to Andy Truong, Andy Truong was teacher to Nathan Head.