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Kung Fu Martial Arts for Kids - Kids martial arts

Empower Your child

Learn how kung fu can give your kids the physical, mental & emotional skills to EMPOWER them for life.

– Juniors Kung Fu – Martial Arts for Kids Aged 7-12
– Little Tigers Kung Fu – Kids Martial Arts aged 3-6

  • Learn Self Defence, Anti-Bullying & Conflict Management with our Proprietary PROTECT Programs
  • Building Self-Esteem, Confidence & Resilience
  • Strengthening Feelings of Self-Worth
  • Developing Focus & Self Discipline
  • Strength & conditioning fitness training for mental, emotional & physical well-being

Kung Fu Benefits

Physical Benefits

  • Self Defence & Anti-bullying
  • Superior Gross Motor Skills
  • Strengthens the body
  • Develops Static & Dynamic Balance
  • Improves Agility
  • Improves Isolated Movement Skills
  • Develops Coordination
  • Increases Speed of Reflexes
  • Foundation of Martial Arts Skills
  • Develops Endurance

Mental Benefits

  • Improves Concentration
  • Improves Focused Attention
  • Builds Internal Discipline
  • Develops Intrinsic Motivation
  • Strengthens Self Control
  • Learn Values & Respect
  • Develops Memory
  • Develops Confidence in oneself
  • Enhances Positive Emotions
  • Empowers Individual Personal Achievement

Mental Benefits

  • Builds Self Confidence
  • Builds Self Respect & Respect for others
  • Builds Self Awareness
  • Develops Social Interaction
  • Improves Communication Skills
  • Develops & Strengthens Emotional Intelligence
  • Develops Assertiveness Skills
  • Develops Emotional Strength
  • Learn Life Skills that builds strength and character
  • Emotional Empowerment

Affecting the development of Kids in a positive way

Join our kung fu community of over 1000 students across 5 academies, who are actively benefiting from the experienced and caring instructors, martial arts curriculum and Proprietary PROTECT Programs at Head Academy Kung Fu.

Our classes are run in a positive, fun and inclusive environment and we are dedicated to empowering all our students to build confidence in themselves and into realising their true potential.

Our Values



Upholding a strong commitment to honesty, fairness, and ethical behaviour in all circumstances


Treating all individuals with kindness and dignity, acknowledging their worth and rights


Taking accountability for one’s actions and decisions, demonstrating reliability and commitment


Showing empathy and kindness to others, particularly in times of hardship or struggle

What your kids will learn in our Little Tigers Kung Fu class

In our Little Tigers Kung Fu Class, we offer Kung Fu for kids aged between 3 years old and 6 years old. The classes are designed to improve their movement, coordination, strength, mobility and flexibility while building the foundations for self defence.

Our experienced and caring instructors, deliver the martial arts curriculum & our proprietary PROTECT PROGRAM through kung fu drills, self defence techniques and games to keep it fun and engaging, including strength and conditioning exercises which they love!

The confidence gained through improved coordination and mobility shines through into other areas of our students lives. Our classes are a great way to introduce the discipline and structure of engaging in group activities, for children who are soon to enter into a school environment.

Get your child started on the path of personal empowerment, and book a 14 day trial today!

What your kids will learn in our Juniors class

The curriculum that we provide to our junior members is the result of 18 years of constant refinement and improvement. With a single goal of providing our students with all of the tools required to empower them physically, mentally and emotionally.

Our martial arts for kids classes are a vehicle through which a child can discover confidence and learn about the importance of persisting with endeavours that they may find difficult.

Self defence for kids is an essential and inherent part of what we do. Anti bullying skills, danger awareness, conflict avoidance and character development are deeper skills that are taught in each and everyone of our children’s Martial Arts classes.

The physical skills our junior members learn will continue to benefit throughout their lives, as we lay the foundation for their coordination, mobility, flexibility and strength.

The mental skills gained through learning Jow Gar Kung Fu will see them excel in other areas of their life. Improved focus, goal setting, calmness and determination will spread through everything that they do.

Emotionally our students exude confidence, they are resilient to torments from others because of their understanding of their self-worth. With continued practice of Kung Fu our students become more balanced, mature and centered young people.

Our Children's PROTECT Program focuses on the health and safety of your child

What Our Students Say