If you are looking forward to learning a form of martial arts, first consider the core of what you want from it or put another way, think about the reason you want to learn it – it is then easier to decide on the style of martial art that will suit you best. 

Only you can answer the question of why you want to learn it. Maybe you are interested in learning self-defence techniques? Then you need to choose a school who’s focus is on the practical application of Kung Fu.

Then, it’s a good idea to shortlist the styles you are interested in and to choose a category like hard external styles, or soft internal styles.

There are various types of Kung Fu training in Sydney. The best method for you will depend largely on your style and needs. The teachers (Sifu) use different training methods based on their expertise and experience. Training vigorously every morning or night helps prepare you mentally and physically, builds focus and mental clarity to enable you to deal with life’s pressure and stress. Your training is regulated by your Sifu, who sets a specific curriculum.

Try to follow all of your Sifu’s instruction to get the best results from your training. Do not skip classes because doing so will hamper your training. Remember, each and every training session helps you to sharpen your skills by teaching you something new or refining the effectiveness of previous techniques.

Training helps you to stay fit and prepared. It’s a great idea to invite your siblings or friends to join you so you have someone to practise all the techniques with.

Training follows a strict routine set by your Sifu. Class begins with a Chi Kung opening to mentally prepare each student. By regulating the breath and centring the mind students are ready to begin each class. After the opening, a specific set of warm up movements and joint rotations are performed to ensure the body is physically prepared for action.

Then basic drills are performed, as set by your Sifu, this may include stance drills, pad work or partner work. Next individual practice will begin, and you concentrate on practising one sequence of new techniques only as determined by current level – This is where repetition of fine motor skills is important in the refinement and grasping of new techniques.

You can train between three to six times in a week, depending on your desire to learn the art of Kung Fu. The more you practice the better and faster you will achieve results.

Following the guidelines of your Sifu will help you to stay physically and mentally fit.

Just like any other Martial Arts training school in Sydney, a good Kung Fu academy builds its reputation on the skills of its students. Kung Fu schools have different programs for various levels of physical training and conditioning.

Once satisfied with your development your Sifu would promote you to train for the next level.

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