Learning Traditional Martial Arts

So….. Techniques!

We have been looking at the difference between traditional Martial arts and so called “modern” Martial arts.

What are the characteristics that set them apart?

We are going to be generalising a bit here so don’t get too wound up in the detail, we are talking very generally. Because there are exceptions to these generalisations on both sides.

One premise for the modern martial arts is that all fluff, or techniques that are considered impossible to use in a self defence situation have been removed. In favour of techniques that perceivably have more immediate value in a self defence situation. The benefit of this approach, is that with a stripped down array of techniques a practitioner does more repetition on a smaller amount of techniques. Allowing for faster progression and refinement of those techniques in the same amount of time on the matt. The negative is limited knowledge, depth and understanding of other methods and techniques.

Traditional arts focus on building a huge array of techniques and applications. And, if taught the right way, follow a system or recipe of execution which develops and innate understanding of why and how each technique is executed and in what circumstances. The benefit, a greater array of techniques, knowledge and understanding. The negative, a steeper and longer learning curve. Techniques can take longer to become useable for a practitioner in a self defence situation.

I can tell you one thing I know for sure. It does not matter what technique you want to use in a self defence situation (or competition fight for that matter). What will come out under pressure will be the techniques that you have trained the most. Whether you know 100 or 2, the martial techniques that you have done enough repetition of will come out automatically when you need them.

With that in mind then I would ask. If a technique is consider unrealistic for street self defence Is it the technique that doesn’t work or a lack of repetition in practicing it in the correct situation?

So you want to learn kung fu in Sydney and you don’t know what martial art school to choose.

First you need to start with a reason to train in a martial art. Is it fitness? Self Defence? Maybe you are looking for flexibility or an all round healthier lifestyle? Once you have your reason you will be able to find a Martial art school that suits your needs quite quickly.

Every teacher or school  you go to will tell you they are the best. Including me, because we are biased and we really believe in what we do! We have invested years into perfecting the structure of our kung fu classes, and developing our instructors to be awesome at teaching martial arts to students of all ages. So you need to find the school that fits you.

Are you looking for simplified, more immediate self defence or are you looking to train in the art and gather knowledge and a greater range of martial abilities?

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