Kung Fu has become a very popular form of martial art. The word “Kung Fu” literally translated means “hard work” or “human achievement”. People generally use either the word “Kung Fu” or “Wu Shu” to describe the martial art. 

Traditional Style vs. Modern Style

A division has developed between the traditional and modern styles of martial arts. During the Cultural Revolution in China, a ban was levied on practising any fighting method. When the revolution was over the Chinese government made an effort to bring back their national pride but was unwilling to bring back the fighting element, so they made it performance focused. This form came to be known as Wu Shu.

Many people still practise the traditional form which they refer as the “real Kung Fu”. Fighting skills and techniques are incorporated in this type of training which focuses on building power, speed and strength. Students are not concerned with whether the training style looks beautiful or not. There are many styles which do not look stylish but are extremely powerful.

The Art

There are various types of Kung Fu styles. These styles were created by different families who developed numerous methods of practice that grew and evolved. It’s important to remember that no matter how many styles are present in Kung Fu, it’s always considered as one art.

The Culture

Kung Fu has a deep culture, far more complex and complicated than any other form of martial art. It has a long and unbroken history. It’s often considered the oldest form of martial arts and some people call it the ‘grandfather’ of all the modern fighting arts. Many of these arts were initially influenced by Kung Fu, but later developed in their own way.

The masters of Kung Fu take a lot of pride and some of them also have secret ways of training. They may share their secret techniques with people who have trained with them for many years. The masters might hold ceremonies before accepting a beginner as their disciple.

You should not get discouraged by the length of the training period. Once you start learning, it’s only a matter of time before you start to feel more fit and active than before.

The Life

Kung Fu is considered a way of life by many of its fans across the globe. You can build the same attitude, but first you need to started in the art properly and with the right school. You can guide your life towards a positive path by learning Kung Fu. Sutherland Shire  is the place to search for renowned martial arts schools.

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