Get faster, fitter, more flexible and more mobile all while learning unbeatable self defence in a safe inclusive environment.

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Our Teens Kung Fu classes are designed to focus on the specific needs and challenges for this age group. With content and a curriculum that is challenging, yet achievable, for complete beginners and experienced martial artists alike. We train in empty hand self defence, and of course, all the traditional Chinese weaponry. This ads another dimension to our training which is rarely available at other martial arts schools. If you are looking for classes that are stimulating, challenging and engaging…with a focus on effective self defence, fitness and of course fun, then join us for a FREE Introductory class.

Physical Benefits

  • Solid Foundation of Martial Arts Skills
  • Ability to defend & protect yourself
  • Superior Gross Motor Skills
  • Strengthening of the body
  • Developing Static & Dynamic Balance
  • Improvement of Agility
  • Improvement of Isolated Movement Skills
  • Developing Coordination
  • Increase Speed of Movement & Reflexes
  • Development of Endurance and Fitness

Mental Benefits

  • Improvement in Concentration
  • An Increase in Focused Attention
  • Builds Internal Discipline
  • Develops Internal Motivation
  • Strengthens Self Control
  • Increase Memory Development
  • Increase Positive Emotions
  • Reduces Anxiety
  • A Sense of Accomplishment
  • A More Positive Outlook

Emotional Benefits

  • Builds Self Confidence
  • Builds Self Respect & Respect for Others
  • Self Awareness & Self Assurance
  • Improvement of Communication & Interaction with others
  • Development of Emotional Intelligence
  • Learn how to be assertive
  • Development of Emotional Strength
  • Anger Management
  • Ability to control fears
  • Balancing of emotion

Spiritual Benefits

  • A Sense of Community and Friendship
  • Meditation and Qigong Training
  • Learn How To Connect with Your Own Internal Energy
  • Learn How to Connect With External sources of Qi
  • Develop a strong mind body connection
  • Discover your potential through continued development and training
  • Engage in mentoring others in their journey

What our students and parents have to say about us...

After only two weeks at Head Academy Kung Fu it’s already having a positive impact on my fitness, flexibility, stress levels and personal motivation. The no attitude instruction and vibe is really great…yep, I’m lovin’ it! 

Real Estate

All of the instructors are so passionate and so engaged with what you do and you have such great relationships with the kids. I love hearing the boys talk about lessons learnt at kung fu sometimes a week or two after they’ve been there.

Parent of Ethan and Zac

Summer is really enjoying the training and its so good to see her interested in something... As you may have noticed her flexibility is terrible as she has been quite stubborn and never wanted to do any exercises. So thank you for providing such an encouraging environment for to learn and enjoy Kung Fu.

Julie Vinson
Parent of Summer

Please let me express my thanks to you and please express my gratitude to your great team of instructors. Let me assure you that what you are teaching is so very valuable and has made a real difference to my boy's life (and it will continue to do so).

Jonathan's Dad
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