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The Internal Way

The Internal Way is a system of qigong and meditation based on the ancient teachings and philosophies of Taoism. This path has been created by Sifu Nathan Head from the teachings of Taoist Master Mantak Chia and  modern information from research into the connection of the human physiology and energetic systems. The Internal Way will enable any practitioner to begin on a journey of emotional, and self mastery. This step by step system will show you how to create more joy in your life, and bring about personal transformation. Allowing you to escape the strangle hold of negative emotions and build a life of health and vitality.

”I found Nathan's techniques drastically different to meditation practices I had learned in the past..."

they can easily be used anytime, anywhere throughout the day to create calm, promote health and generate energy. As I keep practicing I am noticing a significant cumulative effect on my health and happiness and my family and friends can see the difference..
Lisa Lee


Breath & Energy Work. By turning our conscious mind inward we begin to connect with ourselves on a new level. Developing awareness of every part of our physical being, balancing our nervous system and regulating our emotional state.


Focused energy work through seated, active, meditation techniques. The Internal Way is  a process of first, becoming aware of the organ system and the internal processes of your own internal universe. From here you can start on a process of awakening, healing and growth. Transcend your own emotional pain, or current life experience with a system that is designed to create self love and understanding.

Taoist Philosophy

Align oneself with the natural order of Nature and The Universe. By observing our own nature, and that of the natural world around us we are able to reach a more harmonious and enlightened state. Change is a constant of the Universe, and embracing this concept is central to understanding ourselves and the world around us.

Our Programs

The best way to experience Qigong and Meditation is to engage in one of our workshops.

Foundations 1

Firstly… Learn how to connect and communicate with your internal organs. This begins a process of cleansing toxic and negative energies from the body, and replacing them with positive virtues. Balance the emotions, learn to feel and direct your life force, learn how to increase your energy levels and prolong life, learn to distinguish the different characteristics of energy within you and around you, connect with yourself and develop self love and understanding.

Foundations 2

Learn the Microcosmic Orbit; a meditative practice that teaches you how to direct the flow of Qi (energy) through major pathways in the body. With continued practice you will be able to connect to the unlimited energy supplies that surround you, using them for healing and increased vitality.

Internal Alchemy 1

Learn how to harness the power of your sexuality, and sexual energy. After forming the compassionate heart through the development of the Inner smile you will learn to transform your sexual energy. This powerful force will be used to further your meditation practices. The information divulged will transform the relationship you have with your own sexuality and that of your loved one.

Internal Alchemy 2

After cleansing the physical body and balancing the five elements we start on a journey of creating the energy and spiritual bodies. From here an individual gains access to the higher realms of consciousness and begins to work on the immortality practices of the Tao. This is the gate way to spiritual enlightenment.

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upcoming events

Standing Qigong 1

Over 4 consecutive weeks
Caringbah starts 27th of May @ 7am - 8am
Leichhardt starts Tuesday 31st of May 6pm - 7pm.

Transform Your Physical & Mental States in 5 weeks!

Increase your energy levels.

Return your breath to it’s natural state.

Discover how the 4 Realms Qigong Course can completely transform your physical and mental states in just 5 weeks!

Increase and improve mobility throughout the entire body, relieve built-up tensions, reduce stress, strengthen the immune system, and find new heightened levels of energy.

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The Internal Way Foundations Level 1
Seated Meditation

Starts Saturday 7th May at 7am - 8am
Over 4 consecutive weeks
Online through Zoom

Wash away negativity and imbalance, while you create a new you from the inside out. Emotional balance and health are instant outcomes of the Foundational Level of the Internal Way Program.

Join me me over 4 weekly sessions as I cover:
1. The mental traps that keep you stuck in your head.
2. The ancient philosophy that guides us towards a path of balance.
3. How to develop self love, and use that to guide you spiritually.
4. The Six Healing Sounds.
5. The Cosmic Inner Smile. 
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Every year Sifu Nathan hosts the Freedom and Flow Meditation Retreat. The next retreat is scheduled for
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”I wanted you to know that the session went far beyond my expectations."

a) Wanting to take a little more care of myself from the inside as being a working mum often meant I ignored my intuition and body and kept powering through and I desperately felt like I needed a more balanced approach and b) having struggled with weight loss (despite flogging my self in the gym and the kitchen) seeing little results, and I felt that finding more balance might help me release whatever my body is holding on to. Both of those objectives were achieved and surpassed. In fact you have awoken a part in me (or should I say reminded me of a part of me) that I have been ignoring for too long. And whilst I am still very much in “L=Plate” practicing mode, I am already starting to feel the benefit of your teachings. Its small steps, but they are all the right direction.
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