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The Internal Way (Nei Dan Tao) is a system of qigong and meditation based on the ancient teachings and philosophies of Taoism. This path has been created by Sifu Nathan Head from the teachings of Taoist Master Mantak Chia and  modern information from research into the connection of the human physiology and energetic systems.

The Internal Way will enable any practitioner to begin on a journey of emotional, and self mastery. This step by step system will show you how to create more joy in your life, and bring about personal transformation. Allowing you to escape the strangle hold of negative emotions and build a life of health and vitality.

Mindfulness & Awareness

Stress Management

Emotional Regulation


Mind-Body Connection

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Foundations 1

Firstly… Learn how to connect and communicate with your internal organs. This begins a process of cleansing toxic and negative energies from the body, and replacing them with positive virtues. Balance the emotions, learn to feel and direct your life force, learn how to increase your energy levels and prolong life, learn to distinguish the different characteristics of energy within you and around you, connect with yourself and develop self love and understanding.


Three Minds Into One

Three Minds Into One. The number one technique for switching off the monkey mind and creating space between your thoughts and emotions.

The Six Healing Sounds

Transform and recycle stored negative emotions in the body by using sound vibrations. These frequencies allow you to restore balance to your organs and heal from within.

The Inner Smile

Learn how to activate and balance the 5 elements within you. This meditation shows you how to connect with your internal processes, create a state of self love, and then allows you to create and grow the virtues of Love, Kindness, Openness, Gentleness And Courage leading to the formation of the Compassionate heart.

Foundations 2

Learn the Microcosmic Orbit; a meditative practice that teaches you how to direct the flow of Qi (energy) through major pathways in the body. With continued practice you will be able to connect to the unlimited energy supplies that surround you, using them for healing and increased vitality.


Yin and Yang within

The Microcosmic Orbit. Learn to feel and direct your own internal energy (Chi), through meridians in the body. We now take the Microcosmic Orbit practice to the next level by creating a compassionate pearl of energy and circulating it through the Functional and Governor channels of the body.

Develop Flow Within

If you feel stuck, unable to move forward, or closed off you may be experiencing emotional or energetic blockages throughout important energy points in the body. Reaching the highest levels of personal transformation requires the free flow of energy through your system. Learn how to feel and direct Qi (Life Force) through major pathways in the body.

Cosmic Compassion Meditation

Through the cosmic compassion meditation we deepen our experience of the Inner Smile and connect with the unconditional love that surrounds us, and create a compassion heart through combining the spirits and positive virtues of each organ.

The uncomfortable truth about meditation

All meditations are not created equally! In fact most “meditations” that are promoted in this world of quick fix apps, and follow alongs, are nothing more than sitting quietly… and at best listening to the breath. Ancient Taoist texts clearly state that as long as you are still “listening” to the breath the true work of meditation will allude you. Although this is where we all should start with our meditation, it should not be the meditation.

Have you ever meditated, and felt peaceful, calm and centred only to find that when you engage back into your normal routine you still lose your S%4t and are just as quickly agitated? This is the other truth about meditation… it takes work. To actually effect personal change you need an effective meditation system and the discipline to practice. I know that the “P” word is super scary, and normally has people running for the nearest mindfulness App…but with 10 – 20 minutes of diligent practice for 30 days you will see results that last a lifetime.

So…how do you know what meditations are effective? Finding the right meditation system for you is as simple as outlining what benefits you wish to receive from the practice. Some of these benefits may include:

Internal Alchemy 1

Learn how to harness the power of your sexuality, and sexual energy. After forming the compassionate heart through the development of the Inner smile you will learn to transform your sexual energy. This powerful force will be used to further your meditation practices. The information divulged will transform the relationship you have with your own sexuality and that of your loved one.


Sexual Energy Mastery

The cool draw, ovarian and testicle breathing, power lock, orgasmic upward draw, the valley orgasm and multi – orgasmic woman and man. This will also include discussion on techniques for couples who wish to learn about dual cultivation.

Physical Health

Learn vital techniques to protect you from breast cancer or prostate cancer. These simple massage techniques are easy to learn and are an important tool in ensuring the health of your sexual organs, and overall health.

Internal Alchemy 2

After cleansing the physical body and balancing the five elements we start on a journey of creating the energy and spiritual bodies. From here an individual gains access to the higher realms of consciousness and begins to work on the immortality practices of the Tao. This is the gate way to spiritual enlightenment.


Fusion 1, 2, 3

Discover how to completely master your own internal universe. Literally transform your ability to control your internal and external emotional environments. Foundations 1 and 2 are pre requisite.

Build your Energy body

Maturing our emotional "Spirits and "Souls" and feeding them we grow and mature our spirituality inside of ourselves.

Cleanse and Protect

Cleanse the energy pathways, both inside and outside, of the body. Creating a protective shield for your development, and energy work.

Benefits and Techniques

Meditation Benefits and Techniques

Breath & Energy Work

Turn your conscious mind inward to develop awareness and balance your nervous system.
Meditation Benefits and Techniques

Focused Energy Work

Master seated, active meditation techniques to become aware of your internal universe and initiate a process of awakening, healing and growth.
Meditation Benefits and Techniques

Taoist Philosophy

Align yourself with the natural order and reach a harmonious state by observing the universe’s constant change.

Our mission is to bridge the ancient wisdom of Taoist meditation with contemporary understanding to facilitate transformative experiences.

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