Mindfulness….is the buzz word of the moment. Why? Because we are moving so far away from it in every waking moment. We are distracted and disengaged at nearly every turn by technology and the fast paced world around us. How do we find space, to allow our minds to process, to switch off and give ourselves time to be with ourselves? A discipline such as Kung Fu training gives an individual the time to engage themselves in being 100 percent in their own body. Wholly focused on the technique that they are trying to learn at that moment.

In fact to do Kung Fu at all, you must be completely present and engaged in what you are doing. For if you are not, then, you will be unable to grasp the complexity or the necessary coordination to output what you are learning.

Examples of this can be seen through all of the stages of learning a martial art. From beginner kung fu students right up to the most experienced martial arts practitioners each student has a challenge of mind and body engagement, that, although different in nature still demands the complete engagement of mind and body into one harmonious team.