In order to live a full life we need balance in our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual self’s. An imbalance in one of these four areas directly effects the others.
Exercise, for want of a better term, is an essential ingredient that feeds and balances all four of these areas. Therefore we should be very careful in choosing the composition of our exercise routine or program and what percentage of our overall health program it constitutes.

For me mobility and freedom of movement is top priority. The thought of not having great range of motion, pain free, is  a nightmare to me. It would effect nearly every aspect of my life. From my hobbies to my interaction with family and friends and everything in between. If you agree that being able to move freely is an important goal, then shouldn’t this form the basis with which you construct your physical health program?
You can have amazing cardiovascular or aerobic fitness, but if your knees are screwed and don’t allow you to walk or move without pain, what good is this level of fitness? If you have been training 5 days a week doing cardio and weight sessions and you have constant lower back pain, but can’t work out why. Maybe its time to reassess what is important to you.

I live in Cronulla, by the beach, and we have beautiful parks and outdoor areas. Of course every morning I see hundreds of people in personal training groups going through their morning exercise programs. Led by trainers with good intentions who are giving their clients what they want…..Fitness. Some of what I see is scary!

Is there a point in getting fit to the point that it is going to effect your mobility, possibly permanently? No way!!

To develop a plan for quality of life and happiness sit down with a pen and paper and write down all the things that make you happy and lead to a fulfilling life experience. Then prioritise the kind of health program that builds on your mobility, flexibility and rehabilitates any injuries or niggles you have. Then add on top of that fun stuff, that can build your fitness and muscular endurance; martial arts in Sydney, surfing, Qi Gong, gymnastics. Personally, I think the fun stuff is exercise that demands a mind body connection (more about that in the next blog).
As for the programs that I have created for my students and members; This philosophy forms the basis of all of our programs. On a global level, and right down to a minute to minute plan of each and every class. I am focused on delivering better health, mobility and flexibility so that we can all feel better and enjoy each and every moment of our day.
Now that sound like a plan to me.
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