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Starts Saturday May 1st 2021 at 7am
@ Head Academy Caringbah

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Learn Qigong with Sifu Nathan Head

Modern life can be busy, tiring, and stressful.
We can go about our day rushing, juggling a million balls in the air… ignoring our aches, pains, and stresses.
We have sleepless nights or wake up tired even after a full night’s sleep…
Stress levels are off the charts and anything small can trigger an eruption. Whether it’s anger, frustration, or sadness towards ourselves, or the people around us.
And more often than not, we tend to ignore our health until it’s too late.
So, if you’re looking for a way that can put you get back into the driver’s seat of your own mental, emotional, and physical wellbeing, then join us at the next Qigong Workshop with Sifu Nathan.

what is qigong & what will you learn?

“Qigong” means “Energy Work” and is an ancient chinese practice that has been practiced for generations, used to tap into internal “chi”.  By working with this internal energy and the universal energies that surround us, we can cleanse, heal and cultivate your internal energy giving you the vitality that you never knew you had.
In this workshop, Nathan will teach you the meditation, the body movements and the breathing exercises that will help you tap into your lifeforce (chi) so that you can:
* Start your days full of energy and vitality
* Reduce your stress and anxiety
* Balance your emotions
* Strengthen your immune system
* Cultivate true fulfillment, self-love and joy
When you finish this 5-week workshop, you’ll walk with the tools that will help you:

* Deal with life’s challenges
* Build your resilience mentally and emotionally so you can function from a calm, connected, and healthy space.
* Heal your body using your internal chi

This workshop is not to be missed!



Course begins on Saturday 1st of May, 7am – 7:45am and runs every Saturday for 5 weeks. @ Head Academy Caringbah 3/50 Box Rd

Cost is: $100
To book your spot or for further enquiries, email: admin@jowgar.com.au or contact us at 9531 7923.


Begin on a path of renewal

Growth and renewal begin with the planting of a seed, or from the decay of old habits. Spring is the time of growth and renewal. Now is the time to allow new possibilities to seed and grow, opening up new possibilities for the future.

Change the way you Feel

Discover how the 4 Realms Qigong class can completely transform your physical and mental states in just 5 weeks! Increase and improve mobility throughout the entire body, relieve built up tensions, reduce stress, strengthen the immune system and find new heightened levels of energy.

Meet Your Teacher

Sifu Nathan Head is a Kung Fu Master and Taoist meditation & Qigong Instructor. He is the founder of Head Academy which has 5 locations across Sydney, teaching thousands of students how to balance the "4 Realms of Self": The physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.

What is the 4 Realms Qigong Class?

Mobility, Movement, Breath & Energy Work.

Balancing the 4 Realms; Physical, Mental, Emotional and Spiritual.

By turning your conscious mind inward you will begin to connect with yourself on a new level. Developing awareness of every part of your physical being, balancing your nervous system and regulating your emotional state. During the class you will complete a specific set of physical movements designed to lubricate the joints and increase your range of motion. Then you will learn how to focus the breath, returning it to its most optimal state, which balances the nervous system and resets our mental and emotional energy. Finally, you will discover how to increase your energy levels, and feel a heightened state of vitality and health.

Week 1 // 6 Directions

Week 3 // Activating the Palm

Week 2 // Earth Pill

Week 4 // The Golden Poenix

Week 5 // Complete Practice of Morning Qigong 1 & 2

What are you waiting for?

There are only 20 spots available. Cost is $100.

 5 week course begins Saturday the 1st of May. Time 7am to 7.45am

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