The Human Body is a complex organism and thrives on movement. 

So much so, that specific movement disciplines actually strengthen and grow the brain synapses. Strengthening the mind/body connection and improving our well being through many different physiological benefits. 

Movement…. and specifically our ability to maintain good mobility throughout our lives is what ensures our quality of life.  

Anyone who has had an injury, or suffers from back pain, knows how much it affects your ability to do things you love and enjoy. Good mobility and quality of movement are not something that should disappear as you age. 

With the correct programs and effort, youthful mobility is available to anyone.

Movement can include many disciplines and methodologies, at Head Academy, to address the “4 Realms”, we use the following classes and programs.

Created by Sifu Nathan Head 5 Element Flow is a new style of flow stretching that incorporates Traditional Chinese Medicine and Taoist theory directly into the program. 5 Element Flow brings balance to the vital organs and energy systems of the body while providing all of the physical and mental benefits of a Yoga style class or program.

The ultimate work out! Forget boxercise… This class will have you moving with the grace and agility of a kung fu master while burning fat, getting more flexible, more powerful and working realistic self defense skills at the same time.

Do you want to future proof your mobility? Maybe you have started to feel the niggles, or aches and pains, in your body as you are getting older? In this class you will learn any and every technique we have in our tool kit to keep your body loose and pain free. We can even help rehabilitate existing injuries and safe guard against future niggles and injuries. It is never too late or too early to start… Book in NOW!

Yep that’s you if you were born between 1946 and 1964. Life was great right? Or that’s what everyone tells you. Real estate was cheap, everything was cheap, and the Millennial’s blame you for everything.
It’s ok we know the reason why you scowl at the younger generation, it’s not because of their well groomed beards and colourful socks… it’s because of how easily they move around. Well our broken boomers class is specifically designed for the older generation who may have neglected their mobility. Put down the shopping catalogues for zimmer frames or mobility scooters. This class is designed to turn back the clock. Don’t by shy, we will be really gentle and ease you into your return journey to youthful movement.

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