19 years ago I was given a book on Taoist Meditation and Qigong. It was at a time when I was skeptical about the existence of Chi, or internal energy, due to the fact I had been practicing martial arts for a long time. I had many teachers who would talk about Chi or energy but nobody could teach me how to feel it let alone use it. So quite frankly I though it was BS. When I received this book I decided to find out for myself if there really was something called chi running around inside my body. Now, despite the fact that the book was meant to be a resource for students who had already received personal teachings from an instructor, I went ahead and followed the step by step guide anyway.

For 6 months, I sat and performed the exercises that were described. Then one day BOOM! I felt this amazing sensation in my abdomen, in a space called the Dan Tien. Of course my mind questioned everything I was feeling, I told myself that I was just imagining things. Creating the sensations with my mind, fooling myself into believing. The sceptic was still running the show.

I persevered with the practices, until they got stronger and I became better at them. I continued to practice on my own, and had attended a seminar with another Taoist teacher as I wanted to check the methods that I was using to practice. The reason for me seeking out a teacher was due to a major health concern which had arisen since beginning these techniques. My heart would inexplicably skip a beat from time to time. I am not sure if you have ever experienced your heart not beating, even for a moment, but it is very disturbing; and it makes you very aware of when you heart is beating. something that most people don’t give much attention. I look back now and feel that this was something the sceptic in me needed; to believe just how powerful the techniques are and how powerful our internal energy can be.

I knew I had created this problem by using the techniques; and it was after discussion with a teacher that I worked out why, and more importantly how to fix it.

I should also mention, that I had been to many specialists about the condition. I was hooked up to heart monitors for days, which confirmed, yep your hearts skipping beats (thanks). Scans could not find anything wrong with my heart. The best explanation I received from the heart specialists was that “this condition was quite common in really fit people, and your hearts just having a rest. If it gets any worse over time you will probably end up with a pacemaker (awesome)”

After 8-12 months of a very concerning heart problem (once I sought out personal instruction) I had the information on using the techniques safely, and what I was doing wrong. Since then, the heart condition has gone. Reversed. Simply by following the guidelines and safety passed on by a teacher.

Eventually I ended up in Thailand leaning from my Master, Mantak Chia. Who is part of a long line of Taoist teachers who have handed down these practices for thousands of years (I will share more about the lineage of our teachers in another story).

This beginning led me down a path that I was not expecting, you see I only wanted to be able to feel and use my own internal energy. But what opened up was so much more.

So what happened to the sceptic? I would like to say that the sceptic in me was quelled by this first experience. But hey, you can’t keep a good sceptic down right? Just look at the internet!

The sceptic in me took quite a while to be dispelled. So you may ask “why did I keep going with the practices?” there are two reasons.

One, is because they made me feel so damn good. I could not deny that after doing the practices I just felt fantastic! Chi or no chi, whatever I was doing, whatever it was that was working from the techniques was too good to ignore.

Two, because I kept getting signals, or things would happen. Either physical or otherwise, that I could not argue with or question the validity of. When this happens there is no room for the sceptic to wiggle out of, there is no space for the questioning thoughts.  Some of these things are a little personal, so I tend to only share the experiences in face to face teachings or in seminars to help my students get an idea of my journey. To help theirs.

The techniques have transformed my life in ways I could not have imagined. They have mad me a better husband, a better father and a better person. Not perfect by any means, but more aware of the imperfections; accepting of them, and willing to do the work on them.

I had tried meditation before, as have many people. but I could never just sit and think about nothing. The Universal Healing Tao techniques are active meditations. Active means that your analytical mind (the upstairs brain) is given tasks to focus on so that the deeper work can be done.

The Universal Healing Tao is not like other forms of mediation and chi kung. It is a compete system. You start at the beginning and it lays down a clear path for you to follow. Once you begin on the path a new life with new possibilities and new understanding awaits.

On Sunday the 1st of March I will be discussing new possibilities and understanding, while teaching the first level of practices form the Universal Healing Tao.
The topic for discussion during the seminar will be the Ego. How is Ego responsible for much of the negativity and sadness in our lives?
I am what I Have.
I am what I Do.

More importantly I will show you how the first level of the Universal Healing Tao allows you to begin moving past the voice of the Ego, and teaches you how to tune in to your true Inner Voice.

For our next workshop, check out our Meditation and Qigong section of this website. I look forward to helping you on your journey to Taoist Meditation and Qigong.