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A diverse group of people practicing yoga poses in a gym, focusing on mobility and flexibility.

Nei Dan Yoga

Created by Sifu Nathan Head & Joveline Head, Nei Dan Yoga is a new style of Yoga that combines Traditional Chinese Medicine and Taoist theory directly into the program. Nei Dan Yoga brings balance to the vital organs and energy systems of the body while providing all of the physical and mental benefits of a Yoga style class or program.

Designed to release physical tensions in the body, and remove negative energy and emotions that can be trapped in the organ system. If you would like to remove unwanted emotional patterns, and meditation is not for you, try our Nei Dan Yoga classes.

Mindfulness & Awareness

Stress Management

Emotional Regulation


Mind-Body Connection

Our Nei Dan Yoga Programs

The best way to experience Nei Dan Yoga is to engage in one of our workshops or classes.

Creating Flow in our life starts from within. It starts from creating a cohesive and centred existence of yourself. Free from being thrown from one emotion to another. If you feel like you are moving from negative thought to negative thought, your heart and it’s electromagnetic field are in a non-coherent state. leading to disharmony between the organ system, nervous system and digestive system. Nei Dan Yoga is designed to assist the internal harmony between the organ systems, clearing blockages in the physical body and meridian system. This will lead you to a state of Flow and Coherence.

From this feeling of Coherence we can start to operate from our heart-mind. When we improve the energetic state of the body, heart and organs your hearts coherence increases you will then feel more at peace, connected, joyous.

As this heart state is magnified, it aligns our personal world and vibration to an optimal frequency which then affects our entire system. Affecting our environment, and every one who comes into contact with it. Through this specific Nei Dan yoga practice we then start to manifest more things within our life, and create a coherent environment around us; which in turn affects the people around us.

Nei Dan Yoga, is a form of yoga that fuses ancient Taoist Qigong, Meditation and Philosophy with poses that open specific meridians of the energy body while stretching physical lines of tension within the body.

This yoga class focuses on deep stretching, Qigong (inner energy work), Taoist meditation and Movement, giving you the opportunity to turn inward within yourself. A beautiful practice that is guaranteed to build a deep connection with your body.

On a physical level, Nei Dan Yoga is designed to increase your range of motion & strength and restore your flexibility, as you access the deep fascia within the body.

On an emotional level, Nei Dan Yoga will help manage stress and remove negative emotions and energy stuck within the body, whilst enhancing positive virtues within.

On a mental level, Nei Dan Yoga will help you find stillness within the practice, that can help access a deeper state of relaxation, and emotional change. Allowing you to move out of the chatter of your “monkey mind”.


Meditation Benefits and Techniques

Where are the yoga classes be held?

Head Academy Kung Fu, Unit 3, 50 Box Road, Caringbah.
Meditation Benefits and Techniques

Do you need to be experienced in yoga?

All students of all abilities are welcome to join the class.
Meditation Benefits and Techniques

What is included?

Yoga mats, yoga blocks and bolsters are available for use.
Meditation Benefits and Techniques

What should you bring?

You can also bring your own gear if you wish.

Our mission is to bridge the ancient wisdom of Taoist meditation with contemporary understanding to facilitate transformative experiences.

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