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We’ve grown to have five different locations across Sydney where we offer a wide range of Kung Fu classes for adults and Kung Fu for kids alike. With daily classes for all age groups, you’re guaranteed to find one that’s right for you and your schedule.

Kung Fu is not one style of martial arts, it’s actually an umbrella term for hundreds of different styles of Chinese martial arts. The Chinese martial arts are ancient, and the different styles within them are characterised by their different traits. At Head Academy, we teach Jow Gar Kung Fu in Sydney. Jow Gar was developed in the late 19th century and utilises muscular movements and fast, complex footwork and kicks, making it an excellent form of self-defence.

  • Self Defense
  • Mental Well-being
  • Confidence Growth
  • Concentration Discipline
  • Physical Fitness
  • Agility Development


Our Martial Arts classes for kids combine fun, engagement, and essential skill development. For ages 3 to 11, classes integrate Kung Fu skills, self-defence drills, and discipline, refining their gross and fine motor skills more effectively than other programs. With a focus on anti-bullying, self-confidence, and self-discipline, we provide personalised skill development for each child, boosting concentration, mobility, coordination and self-confidence.

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Our Martial Arts classes for teens are tailored to address the specific needs of ages 12 to 16. With content that’s both challenging and achievable, we provide training in self-defence and traditional Chinese weaponry, rarely found in other martial arts schools. If you’re looking for stimulating, challenging, and engaging Kung Fu classes that balance self-defence, fitness and fun.

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You are never too old, too unfit or too inflexible to start learning Martial Arts. Our Adults Martial Arts classes, and curriculum, are designed to ease you in to a positive and rewarding training experience. The benefits of training at Head Academy Kung Fu schools will affect all areas of your life. From improved movement abilities to effective stress coping mechanisms. Training in Kung Fu focus on everything from correct breathing technique, through self defence, to flexibility and mobility.

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“Excuses may seem endless, until you recognise that the only barrier is the excuse itself”


Head Academy Kung Fu Classes are quite simply the best. We practice Kung Fu for self-defence, physical and Mental Health and and of course fun. With a wide selection of classes for all age ranges at four different Sydney locations Caringbah, Leichhardt Engadine and Padstow. We’re bound to have what you’re looking for, and maybe even some things you didn’t even know you wanted. We teach children as young as three years old, and we don’t stop at Kung Fu. We also teach meditation, qigong and Nei Dan Yoga. There’s no pressure to compete, and we welcome people of all ages, genders, and physical abilities, adjusting everything to your particular needs and skill level.

Head Academy has been in teaching Kung Fu for over 19 years, with our founder Sifu Nathan Head having over 30 years of experience. We have the knowledge, tradition, and the experience to take you further in your journey than any other martial arts school.

  • Self defence skills that will last a lifetime.
  • Develop confidence.
  • It’s an amazing and fun way to stay active, physically fit and healthy.
  • It does wonders for your mental health, as it relieves stress, and symptoms of depression and anxiety.
  • It develops discipline, focus and concentration.
  • It allows a student to build unrivalled confidence within themselves.
  • It will develop your coordination, movement, flexibility and agility.
  • Master all aspects of your life by simply engaging with a mindful, healthy practice.

Our martial art classes offer the very best in self defence training combined with systems of health and well-being that incorporate everything from flexibility and mobility to energy work (qigong) and fitness.

We train Martial Arts for self defence, health, and personal development through applied discipline to mastering our art. This is not a sport where there are winners and losers, and confidence is gained at the expense of someone else losing. Training in Kung Fu is a personal journey for young and old. The skills learned while training in Kung Fu become part of who our students are, and Kung Fu provides a philosophy on how to engage with Life.

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