Conflict avoidance and resolution.

Every day we are faced with situations that involve potential bullying, aggression and danger. Bullying in the playground is reaching epidemic proportions; adults at work are being bullied by their employers and other workmates. Dangerous people prey on children at their homes and school. Our streets are becoming increasingly dangerous places due to anti social and aggressive behaviour. Protect Programs is a philosophy for conflict resolution and avoidance developed by Sifu Nathan Head in response to the needs of his students. The PROTECT philosophy forms the skeleton around which tools are developed to impart the ideals and techniques that are required to teach students the physical, mental and emotional skills necessary to avoid or resolve conflict.

Children and adults alike need to be taught empowering skills to deal with bullying and aggression that rely on physical skill as a last resort, they also need to be taught skills on how to avoid dangerous situations at home and in public.

Sifu Nathan Head has tailored the following protect programs.

  • Protect Children
  • Protect Teens
  • Protect Adults
  • Protect Women
  • Protect Business