At some point in our lives we must ask ourselves the big questions.

Why am I here?

What is my life’s purpose?

Where am I going?

It is impossible to answer these questions without some serious reflection and introspection.

In a modern world where we have impossible demands placed on our time, it is easy to coast along day to day, disconnected from ourselves and a feeling of purpose.

When we are unable to connect with ourselves, love ourselves and be content and happy within, it is impossible to connect in a harmonious way to the people and environment around us.

This creates a fragmented and chaotic environment in which we bounce from our thoughts to our emotions, back and forth, unable to self regulate and center.

A purpose and a connection is like a rudder that enables us to find our center and operate from a position of emotional neutrality.

 Meditation and Chi Kung offer an opportunity to quiet the noise and the over stimulation of the modern world. It is within this quiet that we can begin to determine answers to the questions above.

At first when, we start,  it is difficult to calm the Monkey Mind and its chatter.

With practice we are able to control the Monkey Mind, and deeper emotional and spiritual work can be undertaken.

The answers are not on your iPhone or iPad, on the TV or in the latest Hollywood film.

There is no potion, no quick fix, no self help book that can replace the necessary engagement of your mind into your inner world to discover what is there.

And all though the effort to begin the journey may be great, the wonders that you will see are worth the effort.