Why we do Kung fu and what are the benefits?

In all honesty…these days people practice kung fu in Sydney for many reasons. Everything from fitness and health, mobility and flexibility, to of course self defence. Just like many people go to boxing or kickboxing classes and never step in the ring, the same can be said for kung fu and it’s practitioners. Out our schools our focus for training kung fu is for effective self defence and training in a way that builds understanding and gradual mastery of our art.

The fitness and other benefits should be by products of the training required. Learning Martial arts in Sydney, including kung fu can offer people a more interesting and varied way of keeping fit and healthy with the added benefit of learning skills that can be used for self defence.

Many traditional styles of kung fu benefit from having traditional Chinese medicine theory, breath training, tendon theory, qigong, taoist or buddhist philosophies and strength, fitness and flexibility built into their training methods.

The discipline required to master Kung Fu builds focus, perseverance and mental and emotional fortitude. In this way Kung fu can be used as a great tool for personal development.  We as practitioners and teachers enjoy all of these reasons and benefits, but we also have deeper personal motivations that have developed over time.

Each class of Kung Fu at Head Academy is like a fitness class, self defence class, yoga class, meditation and Qigong class all in one. Training is holistic and looks at health as its outcome not only fitness.