• Master the Art, Master Yourself

Looking for practical training that will instil confidence and understanding on how to handle yourself in a self defence situation? 

Head Academy Kung Fu Leichhardt will be hosting a Women’s self defence course over 10 weeks beginning on the 17th of June from 2:00-4:00pm. Si Jai Grace Waller will be leading the classes, designed to create a safe space in which to empower women when faced with situations in which they would normally feel powerless.

The course will cover several topics, including de-escalation techniques, setting and reinforcing boundaries, as well as scenario based training on physical confrontation in various situations.

You yourself may have encountered a situation where you were unsure of what to do, or perhaps you would like your children to pick up the skills they need to maximise their chances of survival – whatever your reasons, our Women’s Self Defence workshops build up a strong foundation to shift your mindset from victim to survivor!

No prior martial arts experience is required, the techniques you learn are designed to be basic and effective so that you can succeed no matter your skill level.

If you are experiencing abuse or violence at home, seek support on 1800RESPECT (1800 737 732). You can also get in touch with counsellors on the NSW Domestic Violence Line on 1800 65 64 63 for confidential support. If you suspect a friend or someone you know is in a delicate situation, visit the Department of Communities and Justice website for more information on what options are available.

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Upholding a strong commitment to honesty, fairness, and ethical behaviour in all circumstances


Treating all individuals with kindness and dignity, acknowledging their worth and rights


Taking accountability for one’s actions and decisions, demonstrating reliability and commitment


Showing empathy and kindness to others, particularly in times of hardship or struggle

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